Iranian Saffron Sargol Best Price


Saffron Sargol


Iranian Saffron Sargol Best Price


saffron falls in 5 main categories Negin–sargol-pushal-bunch –cream, each category fall in too many quality, sargol saffron in its turn has many quality regarding the stigma physical appearance, its aromas and coloring. tall thick fresh sargol could be Brocken stigma remains from super Negin sift or sieve at time of processing.

Now we can understand that the taller, the thicker, the fresher with better aroma and coloring is the best sargol quality


In the classification of Saffron types after Saffron Coupe (negin), Cut Saffron or Saffron Sargol is a very good type of Iranian Saffron which has the highest coloring power. Farmers gather the red and bulky stigmas separated from each other and the lowest parts of them not attached together and place them in a category which is called the Cut Saffron ( Saffron Sargol ).


Similar to Saffron Coupe (negin), Cut Saffron (sargol) has no yellow part or cream but the only difference between them relies on the size of the stigmas. Cut Saffron is about 3 to 4 millimeters shorter than Saffron Coupe.


The coloring power of Cut Saffron is between 210 and 230. The Saffron experts divided the Cut Saffron into two classifications, supper premium Cut Saffron or sargol and premium Cut Saffron based on the thickness, length, flaccidity, and frangibility.


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Saffron Sargol

Properties and implication of Iranian Saffron

According to above-mentioned research origin of archived colored substance is from saffron flowers and contain below specification:

1. A colored substance consisting of flower’s Anthocyanin and flavonoids and glycosides

2. A colored substance is soluble in water not remain sediment.

In the acidity circumstance, the color mainly is yellow and pink but in an alkaline condition, they appear in green and olive.

Colored pigments in this plant cause the attraction of birds and insects.


Persian Saffron Indication and usag


Utilization of Persian Saffron have been in various in the world. According to the beautiful color, aroma and pleasant taste of it and also pharmaceuticals benefits has the most usage, we are considering them as the following:


1. Persian Saffron is the most prized spice in the world and largely used as a seasoning which adds pleasant color and aroma to the foodstuff.

Stunning color and pleasant taste of Persian saffron encourage people for more appetite and it’s good for those that are low appetite.


 2. Romans from the ancient time were familiar with medicinal benefits of it, Sicilian doctors prescribing this magic plant as a beauty of the face and liver relief.


In the traditional Iran  medicine books, saffron have been known as the most precious plant and named many benefits for it like, saffron ability for maintaining and boosting liver health, cause feeling of happiness and joy, treatment of bladder disease and scrubbing, being hypnotic, promoting heart and spleen activity, treatment of the women cramps, removing bladder stones, insomnia, Solving itchy eyes, treating shortness of breath, gout, joint pain, ear pain and headache as well.

In India and United Kingdom saffron has pharmeticula codex and use as saffron syrup, saffron glycerin.


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