Buy saffron from iran

buy saffron from Iran

Buy saffron from IRAN is the best choice,Many saffron importers all over the world buy saffron from Iran in bulk or retail directly or indirectly. Eyjan saffron company also supplies saffron in both bulk and retail boxes.

Here is some information that may be useful to you to choose your saffron order from the Eyjan company.

Saffron Packaging:

Retail package: Retail boxes are available in 1 gram, 3grams, and 5grams retail boxes. In addition to the retail boxes we have as our defaults, if you order over 1000 retail saffron boxes, it is possible to design and prepare in your desired weight boxes and even with your own brand.

You can order retail saffron gift box in metal boxes, Polycrystal jars, and rectangular boxes. Being a valuable spice, some people prefer to keep their saffron in more luxury containers.

Bulk package: The bulk saffron also can be ordered in different weight containers. The saffron inside the boxes is all pure, Natural, standard and high-quality.

Price: Due to the different types of saffron there are different prices. For instance, Super Negin (cope) saffron price is varied with Sargol (cut) saffron price and the price of saffron depends on whether you buy bulk or packed saffron.

The saffron in bulk boxes is cheaper than retail boxes because of packing costs.

Our company Prices are very fair due to the quality of saffron that we offer. Our saffron physical appearance is almost tall , thick and with very spicy smell, The fluctuation of broken saffron rate inside of Eyjan saffron is very low. You can compare yourself if you wish to be our business partner. if you start partnership with our company you will experience our product’s quality differentiation.

To build a trust with Us come up with the minimum order of 1 kilogram then experience our service and reliability. We are sure that once you experience the quality of our saffron and services, you’ll be a permanent customer as our business partner.

Contact us for the exact prices.

Shipping: Orders are shipped by Air cargo and all affairs are carried out legally.

To give you an idea about the costs please mention it that there are fix prices for 200grams to 10 kilograms bulk Iran’s customs formalities like 200 to 250 Canadian dollars and depends on the destination and how far is it the carriage varies and should be asked from the cargo airliners.

Iran is the main source of supplying the saffron to all over the world and approximately all countries buy saffron from Iran directly or indirectly.

When you buy saffron from Iran, you actually buy it from main saffron word sources and the saffron manufacturer like our company , so you get cheaper price along with the higher quality saffron than you buy from other countries.

Other countries, while buying saffron from Iran, may have the same prices as Iranian saffron exporters, but by giving the very careful thinking , comparing the price of buying saffron from Iran with that countries and companies, you will realize that this price is inconsistent with customs and shipping costs. In this case, they have impurities in their saffron on other words there is the problem with purity of the saffron you buy, otherwise, they should have a higher price because they don’t buy saffron from Iran to sell for no profits.
Some of the countries from which you buy saffron, they buy saffron from Iran, mix it with low-quality saffron and re-export it as their own saffron with another new package.

Buying saffron from Iran is like buying saffron from a farmer because there is no dealer and intermediates between.

You can also easily find a farmer and buy saffron from the farmer but we do not recommend that because you can never know what quality and age is the saffron you buy from the farmer.

Eyjan saffron is one of the few saffron exporter companies which itself cultivates its saffron. If you want to buy saffron from Iran and looking for a trusted company, we recommend you to try once Eyjan saffron and test the services and the quality.

What is pure saffron?

The saffron strands should be tested by the standards labs with precise equipment’s.

Our main goal is to inform and identify the original and real Saffron to the audience so that everyone has complete information when buy Saffron from IRAN.

One of the benefits of buying saffron from our company removing brokers and dealers in the business process. You can contact us to buy top quality saffron or refer to our website, gain the wanted information and contact us via WhatsApp or email for more details. Different types of saffron are available for sale Includes first-class Negin(cope) – super Negin saffron along with the various types of Negin saffron, First Class premium Sargol(cut) Saffron, Pushal (thread) saffron and Dasteh (Bunch) saffron.

For buying saffron from Iran you can Buy and Order us with Email and WhatsApp, or even call us on land line or mobile phone in person and have your ordered saffron as soon as possible worldwide.

Learn more about Iran's saffron trade!

If you are an importer or trader of saffron, of course, you are familiar with Iranian saffron, the price of each kilogram of Iranian saffron, the quality of Iranian saffron and you are looking to buy saffron from Iran.

Maybe you are one of those saffron importers who are going to buy premium saffron but you have not found a reputable saffron company to buy saffron from Iran. On the one hand, you want high-quality saffron and on the other hand, you want the fairer price to buy saffron. The solution is buying saffron from a saffron company which is a saffron producer.

You can buy saffron from Iran at great prices and first-hand saffron through the Eyjan saffron company. Advanced devices for saffron packing in Eyjan Saffron company make this precious spice enter the market carefully and with a specific weight and in very beautiful and eye-catching packages.

We have no limitation to supply saffron in large quantities, so if you order the Negin Saffron in one season of the year and ask for another kind of Saffron in another season, there are always large quantities of saffron available.

Eyjan Saffron Company offers the best quality of Saffron in unlimited quantities.

If you are going to buy saffron from Iran please contact us.Mobile/Whats App/We chat(+989122386171)

Buy saffron from a farmer or company?

Naturally, with the purchase of saffron from the farmer and without the broker of this mentality, the mentality arises for all users that they have to pay less for it.

Of course, if you have access to a good, first-class and honest farmer, and he guarantees his saffron and easily delivers it to you at a reasonable price in a suitable package in a small or large volume, it is certainly great, but the fact is that such a process It is very rare and usually all these conditions will not come together.

Because the dimensions and volume of production of a farmer and the way of packing and suitable sending the to the consumer are not suitable for sell to the consumer, and certainly the customer loses several times the profit from cheap shopping in many cases that lead to It will lose or destroy saffron flowers or even the saffron.

Our recommendation is to buy from a reputable saffron company that guarantees the quality and authenticity of saffron.

Eyjan Saffron Company provides all its products without intermediaries and does not need a third person to supply the products.

This makes all products available in all seasons and conditions and can be offered in any number.

Advantages of saffron packing instead of buying saffron in bulk:

1- Preserving saffron from pollution

2- Protecting the quality of saffron and increasing the shelf life

3- Increasing the appearance of beauty

4- Ease of buying and selling, keeping and moving. 5- Possibility of better control and supervision.

6- You can see the properties of saffron and other information required by the applicant on the packing covers.

Also, if you need more products and your order is over 1000 packed saffron, we can engrave the products on the packing with your own brand and text and your desired weight.

We guarantee with complete confidence that all our saffron is original and has a laboratory analysis. You can safely purchase and use them.

At the Eyjan Saffron Company, all the necessary tests are done on the saffron and the saffron is offered to the buyer without any problem.

We also send you the original phytosanitary certificate of the saffron.

So if you are going to buy saffron from Iran, you can be sure of the origin and quality of the saffron by buying from our company.

Eyjan Saffron Company is trying to help consumers’ healthy by producing natural saffron. However, today most food companies make more transgenic products and only think about their own profit.

This is where the broker seller differs from the saffron producer because we supply from our farmland product and we are fully aware of all processes of its production, unlike the intermediary seller who is rarely aware of this.

What are the characteristics of high-quality saffron?

Generally, the lower the amount of white part in stigmas, the better the saffron. The thickness of the saffron stigmas and the fact that the stigmas are smooth and without wave also make the saffron price higher.

Each type of saffron has its own characteristics and is classified into different grades of quality, for example, premium Negin saffron or premium Pushal saffron.

The point is that the first-class Pushal saffron contains white parts, but the first-class Negin saffron is without white parts and is all red, so you should understand that the first class of saffron is not the only red saffron because depending on the type of saffron, there may be some white parts in the saffron in different kinds of saffron.

The most important matter in buying saffron is the uniformity of the saffron strands, meaning that all the quantity of saffron you buy should have the same quality and not be the mixture of some different saffron with different quality.

Most of the world's saffron is cultivated in the desert of Iran.

Saffron prepared with these titles also has the following characteristics.

-The stigmas are tall and free from fractures.

-Its staining strength is above 2.

-It has a great aroma.

These are some of the most important criteria for buy saffron from Iran, which every buyer should be careful about.

One of the important things to keep in mind when buying saffron is fresh or old. Because as soon as the saffron is dried, it loses its flavor.

The saffron drying method is one of the most important steps affecting the final quality of exported saffron. The healthier the stigma drying method, the better the quality of the product.

If you are going to buy saffron at a reasonable price, contact us and choose and buy the best type of saffron.Mobile/Whats App/We chat(+989122386171)

The Eyjan saffron team prides itself on being a saffron supplier who produces its own saffron and consists of staff who are aware of the farming situation and offering you premium and original saffron without the intermediary and minimal profit.

Unfortunately, profiteers in the domestic and foreign markets mix different types of high-quality and low-quality saffron, so if you want to buy original and high-quality export saffron, it is better to test a sample before buying.

Eyjan saffron company will certainly send you a sample of saffron by international postal courier if you want. It is better to be more than 50 grams because you can see the quality, flavor, and volume of the saffron in addition to the type of saffron.

It is better to be mentioned that we don’t have a free sample policy and the saffron price is added to the international postal courier which is about 150 Canadian dollars for saffron gross weight, not more than 500 grams and saffron net weight until 200 grams.

Beware of saffron swindlers; they may have mixed saffron with safflower or silk fibers to deceive you!

Some people are looking for a low price and high-quality saffron, and in the saffron market, some fraudsters sell this product as first-class saffron at a lower price by mixing different types of saffron (for example, one kilo of Super Negin saffron with a few kilos of Sargol saffron). While the audience sees it as saffron, the qualities are different. This is the most hidden fraud in the sale of saffron and unfortunately, it is very common.

With one or two strands of Super Negin saffron, you can make a cup of saffron tea or syrup. Note the difference in color strength, fragrance, and taste.

In general, those who sell these counterfeit products, their packing does not have the complete and correct specifications of the manufacturer.

For this reason, it is often recommended that during the purchase of all the information mentioned in the package, including the full address of the company, telephone number, manufacturing license number, trade name and registration, manufacturing or production series, production date, and expiration date, net weight, type and grade of saffron, standard mark, confirmation mark of the Ministry of Health.

So buy the best saffron directly from the manufacturer without any impurities and high quality and reasonable price by buying the major saffron from Eyjan Saffron company.

Basically, climate change and geographical conditions affect the quality and quantity of plants, especially saffron, and plants grown in different parts of the world may have different substances and thus have different effects or different therapeutic values.

One of the substances in saffron that high levels of it cause toxicity of saffron is a substance called safranal, which is one of the main ingredients of saffron. Iranian saffron contains less percentage of safranal than saffron grown in different parts of the world, and this is one of the most important and the major advantages and differences between buying saffron from Iran and other countries.

In fact, it can be said that the toxicity of Iranian saffron in large quantities is lower than non-Iranian varieties.

Iranian saffron, which is named as red gold, is one of the highest quality and most magical spices. Iranian saffron has been very popular for a long time because Iran is the first and largest producer of saffron all over the world.

Super Negin saffron is one of the best saffron in Iran and is considered as the most popular saffron in the market. Of course, because this saffron is of high quality, its price is higher than other saffron and it is considered the most expensive saffron.

Other countries have also produced saffron themselves, but they have the poorest and cheapest saffron. Global markets are buying and selling Iranian saffron at a high price because the saffron exports from Iran have been tested. And there is no fraud in it.

Iran's export saffron is so well known in world markets that it is now known as the world's first producer of red gold (saffron).

Intermediaries who increase the price by storing and not offering this ornamental spice to the market.

Why do Iranian saffron exports have so many fans around the world?

As you know, one of the best and most valuable products of our country is saffron. Iran's export saffron is very popular all over the world due to its suitable growth and high quality.

For this reason, Iranian saffron with a large volume of export to different countries has become one of the most popular traders of this red gold.

The price of one kilogram of exported saffron depends on various factors such as the quality of saffron, the type of saffron, the packaging of saffron, the city where the saffron is bought, and so on.

Iran's saffron is currently registered in the saffron farming system at GIAHS in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Why is saffron expensive?

Due to the fact that exported saffron flowers are very sensitive and vulnerable, any technologies and machines have not yet been designed that can separate saffron from agricultural land without damaging or destroying it. In this way, the workers physically harvest the exported saffron.

Why is it important to use saffron fresh?

When we use fresh saffron, the main ingredients of saffron, including crocin (saffron color agent) and picrocrocin (saffron flavor agent), are at their highest level of effectiveness.

This means that the coloring power of saffron, the taste of saffron and its various properties are all at their highest level.

Exporting saffron also has special requirements such as always have access to saffron so that whenever the buyer orders the saffron can timely supply their saffron in large quantities.

If you are a buyer of saffron and you are going to buy saffron from Iran, you must first determine which saffron company is capable of supplying and selling the saffron in large quantities.

On the other hand, they should be able to offer saffron at the most reasonable price. The saffron company has this feature who first is primarily saffron producers themselves, and second, they are attached to many farmers and make their saffron easily.

Saffron keeping condition Since saffron fragrances can be evaporated after you are milled and the pharmacological and flavor effects are eliminated, you should keep the saffron away from light and moisture in glass containers. Saffron doesn’t smell after it is dried until it is milled and moistened and its aroma is inhaled again.

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