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Pushal saffron threads


Eyjan saffron produces very high-quality saffron including pushal saffron, we produce very high-quality pushal saffron all pure natural.


One of The main categories of saffron is pushal saffron, pushal saffron has much range of quality, pushal saffron quality depends on the thickness and the length of stigma.


In addition to mentioned criteria pushal saffron may have the yellow part at the end or all red, of course, pushal saffron all red, thick, and tall in length is better quality pushal saffron, actually, the best quality of pushal saffron can be compared with super Negin, the only difference is that the physical appearance of the Negin is all straight but pushal is wavy.

pushal saffron may have the same properties and benefits of super Negin, even pushal saffron with yellow part is technically rich in benefits and properties, many farmers prefer to use bunch saffron because it even contains the yellow part and creamy-white part of saffron which is very rich in benefits and properties.

Pushal saffron is useful for home consumption and restaurant, to get the best benefit of the pushal saffron keep it in the freezer the for the using time soddenly pore boiled water on it , you will have the best color and benefits released possibly


This type of Saffron is called pushal saffron orSaffron Thread, in order to collect this type of Saffron, about 1 to 4 millimeters of cream is remained at the lowest part of the Saffron Threads which are connected together. The red, bulky stigmas and tall strands connected together with cream or yellow parts are considered as the characteristics of pushal saffron or saffron Thread. It is the finest type of Saffron available in the market which has a remarkable coloring power that is about190 degrees. Due to the completed part of Saffron strands in this type, the red stigma to yellow part, the authenticity, and validity of it are confirmed and there is no fraud in it. This is the reason why people prefer to buy Pushal saffron or Saffron Thread.


The aroma of the Iranian Saffron


The aroma of Iranian Saffron is related essential which is develop by distillation of the oil with water, This liquid substance is colorless and the intense aroma of the Saffron is related to this substance.

extract essence absorb the oxygen simply and then finally turn to a brown liquid called safranal (c10H140)

Oily essence of Iranian Saffron is extremely unstable and it’s not marketable.



Iranian Saffron economic and social significance


Persian Saffron has been known as the most prized cultivation product and also the precious  spice

in the world has special stand among the industrial and importing product of  in Iran, at the moment Iran

ranks first among the largest Saffron producers in the world and 65percent of world production of

this red-gold proudly belongs to Iran.

Various and wide range of application and also medicinal benefits of Persian Saffron has caused the important effects on subsisting of the farmers who live incenter and southern area of Khorasan, based on this fact focusing on the import-export and product of this precious plant has been increased.


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