Iranian saffron , persian saffron

persian saffron , iranian saffron

best persian Iranian saffron rice recipe

best persian saffron rice recipe

persian Saffron iranian Saffron spanish saffron




Our main sale services starts from 1k/g and all production is 100% purenaturalorganic and all levels of harvesting and processing carried out in the present of experts.



All business affairs carried out through the legal and official. We can supply all kind of saffronIran have 360 ton total in 2016 that 300 ton for export. 60% export is Cut Saffron and 30% Saffron Coupe and 10% Thread Saffron.

We can export from capital city of Tehran airport (IKIA). Transportation should be with airplane. Our delivery time is approximately 20 working days. Document has quality, health and standard certificates and SGS. Payment is against draft of BL 70%_ cash advance 30%, TT preferable but we can negotiate exportation your order sending with CIF. Checking the products in the Tehran office is allowed. Our mission is providing the highest quality and always insist on this principle. We are confident that we can meet your expectation. Our company provides you with standards, exclusive laboratory certificates and inspections with SGS upon your cost and order. Packing is bulk or by order can be with jar, cans all size is allowed. This is the best offer for saffron buyers.


ٌWholesale Saffron , saffron wholesaler , saffron wholesale 



There is a limited number of Persian Saffron Company in which produces Iranian saffron from cultivating to processing and packing.


However, there are uncountable saffron wholesaler businesses all around the country. Some of wholesaler saffron businesses have very close relation with small farms, those saffron wholesalers have necessary saffron cultivating information to help farms for better efficiency and productivity.


Wholesale saffron business travels to regions and villages with many small farms in which they are lacking useful informational for yelling very demanding saffron.


Iranian saffron wholesale company , wholesale saffron and saffron wholesaler role 

Most farmers need essential information to produce expensive and very demanding classified saffron. These wholesale saffron businesses are also a source of a strong saffron base (saffron onion). There are many small farms when saffron bases multiply in area, the density and capacity of the limited property area cannot give efficient space for productivity growth, therefore the farms prefer to sell their saffron bases to the saffron wholesaler.


Saffron wholesaler store these saffron bases (onion) for the cultivation season and sell them to farmers who are cultivating the first time or have the weak saffron bases.


Wholesale saffron companies monitor the whole cultivation process and give farmers extensive advice for growing up high-quality saffron.


Soon after saffron complete grownup with yelling flowers there are two options for farmers to decide, either they hand pick the flowers and process to dry saffron and make it ready to sell or like most of them, they sell flowers to saffron wholesaler and saffron wholesale business organization will process and dry saffron in very knowledgeable Way which results in super NEGIN luxury expensive dried saffron ready to use.


Within two months saffron gives many flowers ready to pick when all procedures of saffron processing and drying is done the huge supply happens.


This is the season that big wholesaler buys and stock Saffron for whole one year till the next saffron harvesting.


These wholesaler saffron business together with saffron companies and official saffron commodity market defines the saffron price in all saffron classifications. However, due to huge saffron production in IRAN (near 500 tons) this identifying price, have tangible influence in the world saffron price.


Consequently, saffron wholesaler and the saffron company will control the saffron price in one year until the next harvesting season.




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